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We translate with passion, tradition and knowledge. Through our life and passion, we offer an everyday reference to our languages, as well as the necessary knowledge for professional translations.

We speak German and English as native languages. We can translate any other language pair for you through our large and experienced network.

There’s nothing that we can’t do or arrange for you!

Sami Feistenberger

Sami Feistenberger, born and raised in Munich. My native language is German and I speak fluent English.

Angel Feistenberger

Angel Feistenberger, born and raised in Nebraska, USA. English is my native language and I speak fluent German.

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Our prices are as individual as our clients. There are many factors to consider, but we will surely find a solution.


We will send you your translation by the agreed deadline. If you are not satisfied, we will take care of it.


We all want to be heard and understood. That is why it is so important that translations are not done only with the head, but also with the heart. We have lived half our lives in Germany and the other half in the USA. Of course there was also the one or other excursion in between.

It’s the little things that matter in life. It’s the same with our work. Only those who know the life, culture and people behind the language, can also convey this language.

We translate with passion and are fortunate enough to be able to offer you professional translations with dedication. Join our satisfied clients and get convinced of what we can make possible!

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